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Make a difference in your Neighbor's life!

CCNP is an essential piece of the puzzle, for every dollar you donate, four dollars are returned back to the community.

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We are fundraising for the CCNP Community!

Since 2000, Central City Neighborhood Partners (CCNP) has been a cornerstone in the community, offering access to free services, enhancing the quality of life for underserved households throughout the City of Los Angeles with a focus on the Westlake/Pico-Union communities. Our foundation is based on Community, Collaboration, and Systemic Change.

CCNP primarily focuses on 1) Equal Access to Essential Need Services, primarily regarding housing, food, health, and education, 2) Building Financial Security through professional and career development, financial education, free tax preparation, and income supports, and 3) Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders through academic supports, youth leadership, civic engagement, and internship opportunities

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